Revenue Cycle Management


Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Langley is a recognized provider of the highest quality revenue cycle management services. Our experience in end-to-end revenue cycle management includes all required technology and processes. And through our affiliated resources we represent over 50 years of business experience addressing the professional needs of providers throughout the health care industry.

Quality work, product development, and strategic acquisitions have positioned Langley as an industry-leading provider of full-service provider of healthcare revenue cycle management services. And, combined via affiliation with ROI, we have a qualified staff of over 450 providing support to more than 140 healthcare facilities nationwide. Our extensive service offerings allow us to serve your mission as as a fully integrated extension of a client’s business office.

  • Legacy System AR Conversion Services
  • Insurance Billing and Follow-up
  • Self Pay Collections
  • Bad Debt Collections
  • Medicaid Eligibility
  • Legal Collections Services
  • Medical Record Coding and Bill Audits
  • Charge Master Reviews and Consulting
  • Customer Service
  • Out of State Medicaid
  • Clinical Denial Management
  • Patient Access Management
  • Compliance Regulations

Bottom line: Langley delivers value added to patient revenue.


Strength in Partnership

Langley is proud to be an affiliated entity of ROI and Bolder Healthcare Solutions. Together with our affiliated and partner entities, Langley leverages a combined five decades of national experience and deep industry knowledge. Langley also trades as ROI Access Management, LLC, a subsidiary of ROI and Bolder Healthcare Solutions.


Patient Access Services

Patient Access Services


Patient Access Services

Our experienced staff has a proven track record of expediting maximum reimbursement through accurate and timely registration, pre-certification, pre-authorizations, and insurance verification processes.

    Patient Liability Determinations
    Insurance Verifications


Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Services


Patient Financial Services and Billing Services

Langley believes that efficient billing services are an integral part in the revenue cycle.  Applying accurate, complete, and consistent billing practices are crucial to the submission of high quality claims data.  Our experienced staff has a proven track record of achieving maximum reimbursement through accurate and timely billing processes.

    Inpatient Billing Support
    Outpatient Billing Support
    Adherence to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
         Office of Inspector General (OIG) Compliance Program Guide
    Track and Analyze Billing Denials



Accounts Receivable Acceleration

Accounts Receivable Acceleration

Accounts Receivable Analysis

Langley offers an intensive cash acceleration program to achieve optimum reimbursements.  Our experienced staff has a proven track record of achieving maximum reimbursement through consistent communication with payors to determine proper protocols.  This allows for a streamlined approach to claims processing and payment.

  •     High-end analysis to develop client specification plan
  •     Action plans are customized based on balance and financial class
  •     Analyze denials to pinpoint reasons for denied or delayed payment
  •     Identify opportunities to recover lost revenue